I've designed and conducted over 100 research projects covering various aspects of marketing and related business areas. (For specific studies, please go to the published works listing.) In general, the research falls into the following categories;

Benchmarking - measures and metrics that are specific to the marketing discipline.

Best Practice - marketing methods that promote success are identified, using interviews, surveys, usability studies, eyetracking, regression analysis and split testing.

Business to Business - the issues and opportunities unique to companies that sell to other companies

Brand building - how consumers respond to companies and why, and the use of digital media to spread (and receive) brand-related content. Much of this research has looked at the evolution of the 'democratic' or socially-driven brand.

Content Marketing - product and brand related content have come to play a role at many companies, requiring marketers to become publishers.

Innovation & Prognostication - exploring the near to mid-term future of digital and its effects on specific marketing channels.

Life of the Marketer
- topics such as how time is spent, skills growth, compensation, retention, etc.

Marketing Channels - research into specific tactics, including affiliates, direct mail, email, mobile, SEM, social and websites themselves.

Marketing Strategy - the science and art of establishing long-term goals, aligning them with short-term realities and making sense of the proliferation of channels and emerging media.